Denise Markhame

(819) 410 – 2141/ 

Val-des-Monts & La Pêche, Québec  


Professional Profile

*46 yrs. experience in the arts: Storytelling programs, music, musical comedy; bilingual and passionate animator.

*Experience writing educational programming, newspaper articles, and promotional material.

*Significant experience as environmental activist: Director of environmental programs; created national petition around plastic ban.


Project Coordinator

Since 2020 – Director of Verte-alerte/Green-Up, Environmental Initiatives.

Since 2019 – Director of La Pêche Earth Day events – Created a partnership with the Electric Car Association of Quebec (AVÉQ). 

Since 2017 – Environmental activist – Created a national petition to ban single-use-plastic, sponsored by Liberal Deputy Minister Will Amos; creator of four Facebook pages devoted to global environmental initiatives; committee member for La Pêche Earth Day events.

2011 – 2016 – Bed n’ Breakfast facilitator, with outdoor programming: 100 Acre Paradise.


Resident Storyteller

2005 – 2016 – Resident Storyteller for Claude Laplante’s Sugarbush/100 Acre Paradise: Innovative seasonal programming in the orchards, in the pumpkin gardens, at the sugar-shanty, around the frog pond, on the island and for the site’s in-house kite-flying festival.

2008 – 2016 – Designer and Animator of “Sugar Bush on Wheels” program: Toured educational institutions and senior residences across the Outaouais region in spring, celebrating the sugaring season with story and song, followed by taffy on the snow, sur place.

2008 – 2010 – Storytelling Residencies in retirement homes throughout the Outaouais: These yearly, bilingual residencies were comprised of monthly performances running along seasonal themes, with a “meet the artist” follow-up. 



Since 1996 – Storytelling Guest-lecturer: including CEGEPS, writers’ groups, Scouts Canada; and McGill University’s Education Department (1997 – 2001).


Tour Guide

1989 – The Montreal Gazette: Tour Guide and Assistant to the Director of Newspapers in Education. Bilingual programming.



Since 2016: Environmental articles and opinion pieces for The LowDown to Hull and Back newspaper, Wakefield, Quebec.

Completed 2017: “Folk Literature Come to Life” (looking for publisher).

Completed 2018: “Who Does What in Winter” PB (manuscript looking for publisher).

Completed 2019: “Lune des sucres” PB (manuscript looking for publisher).

2009 – 2010: “Metaphysical Success Stories:” A regular feature for the bi-weekly e-letter of the Ottawa-based company Keys to the Universe, with its global readership.

2009: “Singing Round the Year/Chantons autour de l’année:” A collection of seasonal songs for children.

2001: “Barefoot” A performance solo consisting of a string of drôle personal anecdotes that recount the story of this artist’s barefoot French Canadian childhood.

2000 – 2006: “Cock Robin Almanac,” A regular feature on mythology and symbolism for the National Storytellers’ Journal, Appleseed Quarterly; “Recipe for Success,” a regular feature on the successes of Storytellers in the field. 


Branch Head & Library Programmer 

1993 – 2004 – Replacement Librarian and Special Events Storyteller: Worked as replacement librarian in five branches and as the featured Storyteller at all special MCL events; all story and music programming done bilingually.

1991 – 1993 – Branch Head for Montreal Children’s Library, Richmond Square Branch: Managed the collection, school visits, the finances, solicited volunteers; as Program Animator worked with literate and illiterate school-age and preschool children in three branches; all programming done bilingually.



2020: Entrepreneurial Course  – C.F.P. Compétences Outaouais (for Environmental non-profit)

2017: Film Workshop – composition & distribution, Toronto’s Environmental Film Festival. 

2009 – 2011: Keys to the Universe, eight course metaphysical program, Ottawa (Bob Proctor programming).

2012: Fiddleheads, private fiddle lessons with Trish Barclay.

2007: The Fiddlers’ Association of the Outaouais, fiddle lessons.

1992: Whole Language Learning course: Concordia University.

Since 1993: Storytelling and song-writing workshops with various veteran Canadian & American Storytellers and the Outaouais Song Writers’ Association.

1990: McGill Conservatory, private lessons, folk guitar.

1980 – 1984: Bachelor of Performing Arts: Music & Theatre; principal instrument voice, studied under Canadian Base Baritone Steven Henrikson. 



2019: Member of the Canadian Children’s Book Centre, Professional Creator

Since 2019: Director of Earth Day Activites, La Pêche, Quebec.

Since 2017: Member of Earth Day committee, La Pêche, Quebec.

2013 – 2014: Member of the Canadian Authors’ Association.

2001  – 2005: Member of le regroupement du conte du Québec (Quebec Storytellers).

1992 – 2001: Member of Montreal Storytellers’ Guild.

Since 1997: Member of Storytellers of Canada, (Francophone rep for Canada 2003 – 2005).